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Trade Risk Guaranty provides all-risk annual Marine Cargo Insurance policies at affordable rates.

Your business is extraordinary and so should be your cargo insurance. TRG believes that cargo coverage should be tailored to your business. That's why every policy we write starts with an in-depth application to gather every detail about your shipments. Does it take long to complete? Not really. But it's a simple, important step in making sure you have the right coverage at the best price.

All-Risk Insurance Coverage

Get the BEST coverage for your business. We are the ALL-RISK insurance experts specializing in imports, exports, and domestic policies. 

Incredible Enhancement Clauses

An insurance policy is only as good as the payout you receive after a loss. Our enhancement clauses ensure you don't get caught paying out-of-pocket for debris removal, concealed damage or more.

Annual Policy Reporting

Monthly and quarterly reporting are a thing of the past. Whether your have a flat-annual or open policy, TRG only requires once a year reporting of annual volume and estimates.

Worldwide Claims Support

With TRG you GET IT ALL. We not only provide access to claims professionals around the world, but also U.S. domestic representation. In the event of a loss, TRG is always here to help.

What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Marine cargo insurance (also known as shipping insurance or freight insurance) covers the loss, damage, or theft of commodities while in transit. Learn about the different types of marine cargo insurance coverage.

Why do I need to insure my goods?

Statistics show that an importer will be involved in one General Average case every 8 years making it in your best interest to insure your goods. Losses occur during transport daily due to the a wide variety of reasons, including, cranes puncturing containers, water making its way inside the container, and thieves getting more innovative every day.

Did you know that most shipping insurance policies from suppliers and shipping companies do not cover these common losses? How will it affect your company’s bottom line to lose the value of an entire shipment? Call TRG today and get a free Marine Cargo Insurance quote.

All-Risk Annual Marine Cargo Insurance

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What are the different types of shipping insurance coverage?

All-Risk Cargo Insurance Policies

An all-risk cargo insurance policy will cover any physical loss/damage from any external cause. An all-risk policy will list any exclusions that are not covered, but coverage for those exclusions can be added on to the policy as an additional clause. TRG Marine™ only writes all-risk annual policies because of the many benefits.

Benefits of an annual all-risk cargo insurance policy

For a fraction of your annual business costs you are given peace of mind, knowing that while your goods are in transit, your maximum financial loss is limited to your deductible.

  • Asset protection
  • General Average (GA) guarantee
  • Control over claims
  • Customized coverage & pricing
  • Local representation
  • Automatic & continuous coverage
  • It’s cost effective!


Every TRG Marine Cargo Insurance Policy is an All-Risk Policy

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Named Perils Cargo Insurance Policies

A named perils cargo insurance policy will list what is covered under the policy with anything not directly listed left uncovered by your policy. These policies will not cover cargo theft!

There are two primary types of named perils policies:

  • Free of Particular Average (FPA) - Covers stranding, sinking, burning, collision, fire, lightning, crash.
  • With Average (WA) - This is not a common type of policy anymore. It covers stranding, sinking, burning, collisions, heavy weather, fire, lightning, crashing.


Shipment - by - Shipment Policies (Through a carrier)

If you are insuring your goods shipment-by-shipment, you are most likely not covered for the following:

  • Acts of God - e.g. heavy weather, earthquake, lightning, etc.
  • Acts of war - acts of strikes, riots or civil commotions
  • Latent defects in the hull or machinery
  • Criminal acts or negligence by the master or crew
  • Unseaworthiness of the vessel


Seller owns the goods until they are loaded onto the vessel. Selling price includes all costs so far, plus the costs of the cargo insurance.