Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG) is an international surety agency providing Customs bonds, marine cargo insurance, and other trade-related products direct to companies that import into the United States. Current managing partner, John Michel, founded TRG in 1991. John served as national underwriter for one of the largest Customs bond companies from 1985 to 1991. Through this experience he realized that certain products and services that were traditionally provided by the customs brokers could be provided directly from the insurance agency, resulting in lower prices and higher levels of expert customer service.

TRG Mission Statement

TRG provides import solution services to the international trade community with a strong focus on innovation and affordability, which empowers our customers to achieve their professional goals.

TRG is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has implemented a new rating system for all companies within the database including Trade Risk Guaranty (TRG). Each company is rated on 17 different categories and given a letter grade from A+ to F. TRG is rated A+, the highest rating available. The complaint history of a company is the most highly weighted of all of the factors. As of August 2016, TRG does not have any history of customer complaints through the BBB.